Sunday, April 27, 2008

State Rankings for Hillary vs. McCain

These are how the states stand if Hillary somehow mamages to get the nomination. She will be not be competitive in many of the southern states that Obama could bring into play. She will have a better chace in Florida than Obama due to the large elderly population there. Hillary will not be as strong in the West as Obama. There will be less competitive states and we believe that except for a few exceptions such as Arkansas, this election will be alot like the ones in 2000 and 2004. One big problem for Hillary, if she gets the nomination, many African Americans may believe she stole the election from Obama and many might not vote or even go to McCain. The rules of the rankings will be the same with the McCain vs. Obama rankings. Now here are the rankings:

Solid Hillary (143 electoral votes)

California (55) Hawaii (4) Illinois (21) Maryland (10) Massachuttses (12) New York (31) Rhode Island (4) Vermont (3) Washington D.C (3)

Probably Hillary (29 electoral votes)

Conneticut (7) Delaware (3) Maine (4) New Jersey (15)

Leaning Hillary (34 electoral votes)

Arkansas (6) Michigan (17) Washington (11)

Toss Up (116 electoral votes)

Florida (27) Iowa (7) Minniesota (10) Nevada (5) New Hampshire (4) New Mexico (5) Ohio (20) Oregon (7) Pennsylvania (21) Wisconsin (10)

Leaning McCain (33 electoral votes)

Colorado (9) Missouri (11) Virginia (13)

Probably McCain (5 electoral votes)

West Virginia (5)

Solid McCain (178 electoral votes)

Alabama (9) Alaska (3) Arizona (10) Georgia (15) Idaho (4) Indiana (11) Kansas (6) Kentucky (8) Lousiana (9) Mississippi (6) Montana (3) Nebraska (5) North Carolina (15) North Dakota (3)Oklahoma (7) South Carolina (8) South Dakota (3) Tennessee (11) Texas (34) Utah (5) Wyoming (3)

Total: Hillary(206) McCain (216)

Even though McCain has a narrower lead against Hillary in the electoral vote count here, he has 178 electoral votes solidly for him. That's 35 more than Hillary's 143 solid votes. This shows that even though at first it appears that Hillary will have an easier time beating McCain the opposite is true.

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