Friday, April 11, 2008

VP Picks for Barack Obama

If Barack Obama gets the nomination which is very likely, he will need to choose a vice presidential candidate. Here is a list of people Barack might be considering to pick for the VP spot.

Jim Webb, the Democratic Senator from Virginia. Jim Webb has alot of experience by being the Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan. Jim Webb was a former Republican and is now a big opponent of the Iraq war. If Obama chose Webb, it would make it easier for Barack to win Virginia. Webb would help Obama on the experience issue. There are some downsides to choosing Jim Webb. He has attacked feminists and Webb once said that he has never met a woman he would trust to give combat leadership to men. That would not help gain women Democrats who are disenchanted with Barack and are supporting Hillary.

Hillary Clinton, Obama's rival in the race for the Democrats presidential nominee. The Democrats might be so strongly split between the two that the only way to mend the party would be to choose Hillary. She will certainly help Obama with the demographics that she carries. These two could be unbeatable. There are some downsides. There could be some voters who are leaning toward Obama but hate Hillary so much they will not vote for the Democratic ticket. That should not be the main problem. The main problem should be that Hillary might make big mistakes that would hurt Obama on purpose to make sure Obama loses but make sure she will be well posistioned to run in 2012. Even if Hillary does not do that, she will bring all her problems with her and the Republcians will attack that.

Joe Biden, the Senior Senator from Delaware. He is very experienced (he's been in the Senate since 1972.) and he does not have bad problems like Webb and the Clintons. If Obama chose Biden, he would make the experience factor not be a big issue. The problem is that Biden does not seem very exciting and Obama would not need someone who is viewed as boring.

Kathleen Sebelius, the popular governer of Kansas. She is a woman who is Catholic so she would help Obama in those groups. Those two groups are groups that mostly back Hillary. Sebelius would make Kansas competitive against John McCain. The problem with Sebelius is that she is not very experienced in foreign affairs.

Claire McCaskill, the Junior Senator of Missouri. She is a woman and Catholic like Sebelius. Also, McCaskill would make it easier for Obama to take Missouri. McCaskill may help Obama in white rural areas which she lost by ten points to Jim Talent in 2006. That margin was much smaller than her loss of 23 points in the 2004 gubernatorial race which made McCaskill able to capture Talent's Senate seat.

We believe the most likely pick would be Webb but it may easily change. If you have any thoughts about this list, feel free to comment it.

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