Friday, April 18, 2008

Who will Win What States?

We are posting this list to show you the place where states stand for the general election. If a state is solid Dem. or Rep., this means that state is not competitive now and probably will not be competitive. If a state is probably Dem. or Rep., this means that state is not competitive currently but the states could become competitive later. If a state is leaning Dem. or Rep., this means that state is competitive but one party has a slight lead. If a state is a toss up, that means that state will be very competitive in the general and each party has a shot at winning that state. Here are the rankings for the states if Obama is running against McCain.

Solid Obama (143 electoral votes)

California (55) Hawaii (4) Illinois (21) Maryland (10) Massachuttses (12) New York (31) Rhode Island (4) Vermont (3) Washington D.C (3)

Probably Obama (18 electoral votes)
Delaware (3) Maine (4) Washington (11)

Leaning Obama (46 electoral votes)
Conneticut (7) Michigan (17) New Jersey (15) Oregon (7)

Toss up (108 electoral votes)
Colorado (9) Iowa (7) Minniesota (10) Nevada (5) New Hampshire (4) New Mexico (5) Ohio (20) Pennsylvania (21) Virginia (13) Wisconsin (10)

Leaning McCain (38 electoral votes)
Florida (27) Missouri (11)

Probably McCain (74 electoral votes)
Alabama (9) Arkansas (6) Georgia (15) Kansas (6) Louisiana (9) Mississippi (6) North Carolina (15) South Carolina (8)

Solid McCain (115 electoral votes)
Alaska (3) Arizona (10) Idaho (4) Indiana (11) Kentucky (8) Montana (3) Nebraska (5) North Dakota (3) Oklahoma (7) South Dakota (3) Tennessee (11) Texas (34) Utah (5) West Virginia (5) Wyoming (3)

Total: Obama (207) McCain (227)

Many of the states that are probably McCain are states you might expect to be solid McCain. We put the southern states that are on there because Obama might be able to turn out a large number of African Americans. For Kansas, the governer might be Obama's VP. If Jim Webb is picked for VP, expect Virginia to move to lean Obama. Please feel free to share your thoughts.

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