Sunday, May 25, 2008

A few more VP picks for Obama

Now that the VP search for Obama has gotten underway, we have a few more ideas about who his VP will be. Here are more possible VPs for Barack Obama:

Ed Rendell: He is the governer of Pennsylvania and he is Jewish. Rendell is extremely popular in the Philadelphia area and that would be very helpful to Obama if Rendell were on the ticket. Having Rendell on the ticket would almost guarentee an Obama win in Pennsylvania. Since Rendell is Jewish, he might help Obama in Florida. Obama might not do as well with Jewish voters as recent Democratic nominees but with Rendell on the ticket, that might not happen.

Ted Strickland: He is the governer of Ohio. That is another competitive state Obama must win in the fall. Strickland will be very helpful to Obama in that state. Another thing is that Strickland has the life story of a working class white in Ohio (Strickland's father was a steelworker who did not go to high school.) Strickland will help Obama with working class whites. That is a group Obama needs to do well with if he wants to be president. Strickland has some experience as he has been in the House for six terms before running for governer. Strickland seems to have the right experience but it might not be enough.

Tom Daschle: No one seems to talk about him as a possible VP candidate. He is an Obama supporter and the former majority leader in the Senate. He is experienced and we believe his the possible VP that Obama can trust the most. Daschle probably cannot deliever South Dakota to Obama and it has only 3 electoral votes anyway. Daschle's wife, Linda Daschle is a lobbyist and that might not go well for Obama since he will not take contributions from lobbyists.

Out of these three, we believe Strickland will be the biggest help to Obama. With the other possible VPs, he is right below Webb on the possibility list. If you have any thoughts on this post, feel free to comment it.

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