Thursday, May 15, 2008

Obama/Edwards '08?

Is that possible? Although Edwards is not our number one pick for Obama's VP, he is on our list. We always believed that in the end, Edwards would endorse Obama over Clinton. Edwards teamed up with Obama in the debates with Hillary. His style of campaigning was closer to Obama's than Hillary's. But what will an Obama/Edwards ticket bring?
Edwards will help Obama among the working class. That is a group Edwards is popular with and Obama has been struggling to gain. This will be important in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Edwards could help Obama in North Carolina. It is true that Kerry did not do as well with these voters as Gore even with Edwards on the ticket. Also, Bush increased his popular vote margin in North Carolina over his in 2000. Here is why those two things happened, Edwards was not very prominent during the campaign. The focus was not on him. Obama could give Edwards to be more prominent and campaign in heavily working class areas in battleground states. If Edwards does have more prominence, he can make North Carolina become extremely close or even give the state to Obama. North Carolina will probably be close anyway due to the large African American population there which will probably turn out in record numbers for Obama along with the Universities. Obama will try to win South Carolina by creating a heavy turnout of African Americans but definiteky will be helped because Edwards was born there. Edwards's message is that there are two Americas, upper class and lower class and that the government ignores the lower class. It is similar to Obama's message of change and that we are one nation.
Not everything about having Edwards as VP will be positive. Edwards is young and exciting but he does not have much experience in politics. To get the experience factor smaller, Obama would need an experienced VP candidate. Another problem with putting Edwards on the ticket would be that he has already tried for that spot. Some voters may believe that Edwards already had his chance. But it might not be a very big deal because the VP spot is much smaller than the presidential spot. A small issue may be the $400 haircut. Republicans may say someone who pays that much for his hair would not be in touch with the ordinary American. That likely would not outweigh what Edwards has said about the ordinary American. None of this could be a factor because Edwards has said that he would not take the spot. Since this is politics, that may easily change but Republicans may use that against him. Many of these factors may not be a problem because there will probably not be much focus on Edwards if he is VP.
Alltogether, we believe Edwards will have a positive effect on the campaign if he is chosen. Due to the experience issue, we still believe Jim Webb is the best pick for Obama. We will soon post something about a possible VP for Obama we have not mentioned, Ted Strickland, the Governer of Ohio.
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