Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gephardt, Bayh or Dodd for VP?

There is currently a lot of talk as to who the VPs will be. We are joining it and we have found three more picks for Obama. The former House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt, Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana and Senator Chris Dodd from Conneticut. We always think we are out of VP ideas and then a few more come to mind. We have not seen one article mentioning Gephardt for VP but we have seen some for Bayh. Now that Jim Webb has left the VP playing field, Obama needs some new choices. Now, here are the upsides and downsides of these two possible VP candidates.

Richard Gephardt is from Missouri which will be close in the general election. That will help Obama there and as Gephardt is from the St. Louis area, it might increase turnout there. Also, Gephardt is very experienced which will be a big help to Obama on that issue. That does come with a problem. Gephardt may be seen as yesterday's news and not quite part of Obama's change message. Oh, did we mention Gephardt voted to authorize the Iraq war? The funny thing is no one is mentioning Gephardt as a possible VP candidate except for us. We did, however mention Wesley Clark and the media floated his name quickly after that.

Evan Bayh is the Junior Senator of Indiana. He is very popular in his home state and since Indiana may be competitive, Bayh could be enough to tilt it to Obama. Edwards did not give Kerry North Carolina but was not very popular. Bayh is much more popular so he may be helpful enough. Bayh has not been through the presidential process of being vetted but he does not seem to have any problems in his background. Also, Bayh has been a governer for two terms and has been in the U.S Senate since 1999. He is not as experienced as Joe Biden or Chris Dodd but he still has a good amount of experience under his belt. He was a big Hillary supporter during the primaries so he might be able to please them.

Chris Dodd is the Senior Senator from Conneticut. His location will not help much as Conneticut should vote for Obama anyway. He does have alot of experience and Obama needs someone like that on the ticket. Also, Dodd has been vetted and been through the presidential process. The problem is that he does not bring enough to the ticket and may be viewed as elitist. If Obama wants a VP with experience, he should pick someone other than Dodd.

When it comes down to it, Obama does have alot of choices and he should decide soon. He needs to get a VP so he can start concentrating on other things and have the VP there to help him. This may be our last post on possible VP's for Barack Obama because he is bound to choose soon. We do think we are finally out of ideas but we may have another post on possible VP's for McCain.

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