Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last State Rankings

Already the election season is almost over. Just three more days until we know the outcome of the presidential race and many other races. Since we wanted to get in a last update, here are the rankings for the states. Obama is still leading strongly. He is getting very close in states that no one thought he could win such as Indiana. Obama's 50 state strategy did work after all. In the rankings, Obama will appear to be doing alot better and we believe he will win because of the all the early voting and the excitment in his campaign. Also, something people never talk about is that alot of voters who are economically hurting but might feel uncomfortable about voting for a black man will probably vote for Obama in the end because of their pocketbooks. Now here are the rankings which are a little different than usual. The state that is number one is most likely to switch parties and the color it is in is the way it voted last presidential election.


2.New Mexico
4. Virginia
8.North Carolina
11.New Hampshire
16.North Dakota
17.West Virginia
21.South Dakota
23. Maine
24. Oregon
25. Washington
26. South Carolina
27. Mississippi
28. Arkansas
29. New Jersey
30. Conneticut
31. Texas
32. Tennessee
33. Louisiana
34. Alabama
35. Kansas
36. Rhode Island
37. Oklahoma
38. Nebraska
39. California
40. Vermont
41. Delaware
42. Idaho
43. Hawaii
44. Alaska
45. Vermont
46. Massachuttses
47. New York
48. Wyoming
49. Utah
50. Illinois
51. D.C

The last ones may not be as precise as we want because of polling data. Just put it this way, any state under 20th most likely to switch is definitely in the hands of the party that won it last time. The polls that show Pennsylvania getting closer probably will not be enough to switch it. If McCain does not win Pennsylvania, it is over. All Obama has to do is win New Mexico, Iowa and something else that has 6 or more electoral votes. Our current estimation is that Obama will come out with about 300 electoral votes.
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Chef Lise said...

So, 365 Electoral Votes. It's only been 3 weeks since Obama won the election and already it feels like more. What a relief. What does Frog and the Turtle think about the future of the the new congress and Obama ? In the next two years are there seats up for election that could upset the majority that is now in the hands of the democrats?
Thanks for the great, informative blog. We look forward to more!