Friday, July 3, 2009

South Carolina Redistricting Maps

Up Country

Charleston area

East South Carolina

Southern South Carolina

You can view the write up for the maps on swing state project. Feel free to vote on the poll on the bottom of the blog. I may soon have maps that show a 5-2 Republican delegation. Sorry for the poor quality of the maps. Feel free to comment.


Anonymous said...

A suggestion for the pictures.

If you're using Windows:

1. In whatever application you're creating the maps in, press Alt and PrntScrn together. This will copy the application window to the clipboard.

2. Now open up Microsoft Paint.

3. In Paint, press Ctrl + V to copy the clipboard contents into Paint.

4. Now choose Save As from the File menu in Paint. Choose either the JPG or GIF formats depending on whichever is easier (GIF gives you a "crisper" image).

dyana said...

Good Map collection......

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Sir Frog said...

If you wanted to see the write up for any of the maps, go to swing state project and search Alibguy.

Anonymous said...

I know you had fun with this.....
Since we have had a minority elected from a majority majority district, a "safe" Democrat unseated and a stronger GOP position in the Legislature, what are your current thoughts regarding SC's 7 congressional districts? I agree that making the new district a minority majority district will look like paint splatter, but will it be necessary with the election of Rep. Scott in the 1st District?

FrogandTurtle said...

I do not think that the Republican from the 1st district would survive in a minority majority district. Although Republicans control everything, they may make a second majority minority district because they do not want to lose any of their recent gains