About The Blog

About the Blog:

 The blog started in 2008 analyzing political races.  Since then, subjects this blog covers includes demographics and redistricting as well. In 2011, I mainly focused drawing proposals for congressional redistricting. I believe that as citizens, we need to contribute to the redistricting process instead of having the legislature decide for us. In 2015-2016, my posts are devoted to mid decade redistricting changes and the 2016 elections.

About me:

I am the President Emeritus of the USC College Democrats (the views on this blog are completely my own), as well as a recent alum of USC (go  Trojans). I am a Democrat but I welcome all political viewpoints on this blog. I have also posted on Swing State Project, Daily Kos Elections, Blue Jersey and Calitics. My screename on all those websites is Alibguy. If you want to read my work on those blogs, click the links below.

My Swing State Project Page:   http://swingstateproject.com/userDiary.do;jsessionid=C7E5C7522A18677BAF9B7E7EAC7640BA?personId=2777 
My Daily Kos Page: http://elections.dailykos.com/blog/Alibguy
My Calitics Page: http://calitics.com/user/Alibguy
My Blue Jersey Page: http://www.bluejersey.com/user/Alibguy

There is also a facebook page for Races and Redistricting. http://www.facebook.com/RacesAndRedistricting?fref=ts

If you have any questions, suggestions etc. feel free to email me at lcwhite15@gmail.com

What others are saying about "Races and Redistricting":

"You’re in high school and you get this stuff (redistricting) more than about every state legislator or congressman I’ve talked to, and that’s too many to count."
-Paul Mitchell, head of Redistricting Partners, a leading redistricting consulting firm.

"Fantastic work."
-Markos Molitsos, founder of Daily Kos, political website with over one million facebook followers.

 "You did a great job with your analysis. It’s quite sophisticated for one so young."
-Gene Smith, Chief of Staff for former Rep. Howard Berman (D), CA-28

"Great stuff. Very insightful."
-Adam Dunstone, Iowa Field Director for Joe Biden's 2008 Presidental Campaign

"Superb blog"
-Curtis Walker, 2008 Obama National Delegate

"Great district by district analysis of the Congressional map (referring to this post http://racesandredistricting.blogspot.com/2011/12/analysis-of-californias-congressional.html )
-Brian Leubitz, founder of Calitics, California's leading Political blog

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